Monday, March 3, 2014

Deleted Drafts

I just deleted three old draft posts that I never got around to finishing and posting. After I deleted them, I thought I could do a little summery of what each of those posts would have been. Of course, that would have been a much better idea before I deleted the draft.

One of the draft posts was to be the promised follow-up to this post from back in 2011. That post covered a couple of radical realignment proposals for Major League Baseball. The title for the post was to be "Bottom-Heavy Baseball" since it focused on the proposal that put 18 of the 30 teams in three six-team lower-tier divisions. Based on a related spreadsheet, I was going to focus on maintaining traditional rivalries (New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants). I accomplished this by averaging the player salaries of the two rival teams when assigning the teams to either the upper or lower tier.

Another now-deleted draft dealt with the Ten Commandments from the Bible. Basically, a book I was reading at the time had an example that involved how many of the commandants people remembered. I think the example showed that people who were asked a question involving a moral question were more likely to chose the high road if they were first asked to recite the Ten Commandments. However, the number of commandments they could recite (which perhaps reflected how religious they were) did not have any affect on their choices. Basically, it was thinking about the Commandments that made people more moral and not actually knowing the Commandments. I wondered if the Commandments that I remembered said anything about my personality and my moral values. I believe "Ten Strong Recommendations" was the title I was using for that post.

The most recent draft post was going to compare two seemingly unrelated topics. One topic was homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and the other was corporate logos on athletic jerseys. In general, both topics tend to pit more traditional, more conservative, and older segments of the population with younger and more liberal segments. One specific thought I had was that both issues were generally more accepted outside of the United States. I also think it is interesting that homosexuality and same-sex marriage are more accepted in the northeastern and western region of the country which are known to be more liberal while corporate logos are embraced by NASCAR which is popular in the more conservative Southeast and Midwest regions.