Monday, January 4, 2010

Nectar of the Gods

For my birthday, my girlfriend bought me a Mr. Beer home brewery kit. A few weeks ago, I mixed up the first two-gallon batch. Mr. Beer's process skips the initial steps of beer brewing by using cans of malt extracts in various beer styles. My first try was their Cowboy Golden Lager.

The first step in the process is installing the tap in the fermenter keg. The next step is sanitizing the keg and other equipment using the sanitizing cleanser provided in the kit. Then malt extract is mixed with water and Mr. Beer's Booster to get wort. The wort goes in the keg with some yeast. After two weeks in the keg, it was time to bottle up the results (after sanitizing the one-liter bottles, of course). Then there was a week of bottle conditioning.

Sunday, it was time to give the brew a try. I had one of the bottles on the fridge, so it was nice and cold. I poured it into two pint glasses to share with my girlfriend. It tasted OK but was a bit flat and a little too sweet. Hopefully, the other bottles will improve with more time for conditioning.

My girlfriend's gift included several extra brew styles, so the question is which one should be next?