Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sin of Facebook

Forgive me dear readers for I have committed the sin of procrastination. It has been over two months since my last post. For this transgression, I primarily blame Facebook. I signed up for a Facebook account back in December while I was visiting my Mama for the holidays. My sister, April, who lives in Colorado with her husband, son and daughter, posted a video on Facebook of my niece Grace crawling. Of course, Mama just had to see that video, so voilĂ , I had a Facebook account.

For months, I did not do much with Facebook. April was my first and only friend for the first several weeks. I believe my second Facebook friend was a coworker who had posted photos of us from the Krispy Kreme Challenge which we ran in February. For those who are not familiar with the Krispy Kreme Challenge, it is a race here in Raleigh that starts at the NC State Belltower. You run two and a half miles to the Krispy Kreme on Peace Street. When you get there, you cram down a dozen of their famous glazed doughnuts which are no longer either hot or fresh. Then you run back two and a half miles. The challenge is to complete the run in less than a hour which I was able to accomplish.

Since then, I have added 52 other Facebook friends to bring my grand total to 54. The list includes eight family members. In addition to April, there are four cousins, an aunt, an uncle, and the wife of one of my cousins. I also have nine coworkers including Bill who posted the photos from the doughnut run. Others on my friends list include people from back in South Carolina who I knew when I was young, some of my buddies from the local bars, my college roommate Alan, and a few old girlfriends.

I have taken to posting more and more frequently on Facebook. I find that instead of composing longer posts here, I just write quick posts and comments on Facebook as well as posting even shorter thoughts on Twitter. For instance, I made a trip to Los Angeles last month for work. During my visit, the area had a minor earthquake. I do not believe there was any major damage, but it was an interesting experience. I also enjoyed some good food and drinks while I was there. Instead of writing a post here about the trip, I just made posts on Facebook including a quick blurb about the earthquake. I took several photos on my cellphone during my visit which I also posted on Facebook.

All of this has resulted in me having a backlog of longer posts that I want to write. One such post will be about another trip I recently took to Colorado to visit April and her family. April has posted about my trip on her site. She and I have also put plenty of posts and photos of the trip on Facebook. However, I intend to write a post on this site which will primarily cover all the different brews that I enjoyed while in that area. Stay tuned.

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