Saturday, December 27, 2014

Round Numbers and Letters, Part II

This post is a continuous of yesterday's post that covered the first part of my run-up to the 1,000th entry in my Brew List as well as my trip with my mother to Colorado to visit my sister and her family. As a reminder, number 996 was a single-hop pale ale from Left Hand Brewing Company located in Longmont, Colorado.

Following the visit to Left Hand's tap room by my sister April, her husband Christian and myself, we hit a local Indian restaurant for dinner. With dinner, I enjoyed a big bottle of Kingfisher Premium Lager which was the 997th entry on the list. Christian called it the Budweiser of India, and I think that is about right. Kingfisher is a product of United Breweries Limited or the UB Group. I added another Indian beer from UB Group, Flying Horse Royal Lager, to the Brew List last year.

Number 998 was a can out of my sister's refrigerator. The can was Craft Lager from Upslope Brewing Company located in Boulder, Colorado. I spent the whole day playing with my nephew and niece, so I think I rightly deserved that beer.

The runner-up to number one thousand was a bottle from April's fridge. I assume it was from a Rocky Mountain Sampler pack from Breckenridge Brewery. Number 999 was a bottle of Fresh Hop Pale Ale from Breckenridge's Mountain Series. I have had several brews from Breckenridge on previous visits to Colorado.

Now a drum roll, please. Number 1,000 was a bottle of Wolf Picker out of a sampler pack from Odell Brewing. Quoting from the bottle, the beer is an "Experimental Pale Ale," and it is part of their Roots Release series. I enjoyed it on Christmas Eve during a family gathering at my sister's house. Last year, I had two drafts from Odell at the Denver airport while heading back from visiting my sister. I had their IPA and 90 Shilling Ale.

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