Sunday, February 26, 2012


As I mentioned in a previous post, I was not quite done with my recent spending spree, and my new purchases have increased by an order of magnitude. Back in December, I bought a new pair of running shoes which were in the $100 range. Later that month, I bought a mattress and box springs set that was around $1,000. My next purchase would be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

I have been searching for several months for a car to replace my 1998 Honda Accord EX coupe. The Accord was a great car, but it had racked up over 180,000 miles on the odometer. Plus, it had a few issues. The paint has large oxidization spots on the roof and rear deck lid. Actually, there might have been more paint missing than remaining. Also, the transmission had started slipping. Finally, the last time I took the car to local shop for an oil change, I was told that it was time for new tires. The car was getting close to the too-unsafe-to-drive zone. I knew it was time to get a different car.

Here is a humorous story about my old car. On New Year's Day, I was a bit hung over. Around lunchtime, I ventured out to find some food. I was running short on fuel, so I stopped by a gas station. I popped open the gas door and starting turning the gas cap, but nothing happened. I vaguely remembered the cap not clicking when I tightened it the last time I filled the tank. Now, the cap was spinning freely, but not coming off.

I called my local garage which was also the place that told me the Honda needed new tires. Lucky for me, they were open on New Year's. The guy that answered the phone told me that they did not carry gas caps, but if I could find one and bring it by they should be able to help me. I swung by a nearby auto parts store and bought a gas cap. I proceeded to garage. One of the mechanics was able to pop off the old gas cap with a big-ass pair of pliers. The cap actually broke off, but once the outside part was removed, the inside part could simply be unscrewed. After putting on the new cap, I was able to make it to the gas station to fill the tank.

Getting back to my car shopping, I had been searching for the right car for several months. I visited several local car dealerships including multiple visits to the local Carmax and Auction Direct locations. After months of research and driving tons of cars, I decided that an Infiniti G37 convertible was the car for me. My nonexistent readers who also follow me on Twitter would know that I was close to purchasing an Infiniti near the end of December. I have a buddy that works at a local used car dealership. He found a white G37 convertible in Alabama. I stopped by the dealership where he works one evening to complete the transaction. I filled out the paperwork and even wrote a check for a deposit. Unfortunately, we learned that the dealer down in Alabama had sold the car around noon the same day.

The search continued. I had previously test drove a G37 convertible at a local Chrysler Jeep dealership. The story was that a couple had traded in the convertible for a Jeep Grand Cherokee. That car was dented and scratched, so I passed on it. The salesman said he would give me a call if another one appeared at their dealership, but I doubted that I would be back. To my surprise, I received a call from that salesman a few weeks later. It turned out they had recently received another G37 convertible. It had also been traded for a Grand Cherokee. I do hope that is not an omen for my future car purchase prospects.

I stopped by the Chrysler Jeep dealership the following weekend. This G37 turned out to be an exact duplicate of the previous car minus the dents and scratches. It was a cold and rainy day (I ended up with a cold the following week.), so I did not get to drop the roof. However, the car looked to be in great condition and drove fantastically. After my long and frustrating search, I was ready to buy. The negotiations took longer than I expected with several back and forth offers between me and various salesmen and sales managers. Eventually, we were able to settle on a price for the Infiniti plus a trade-in value for the Accord. I drove the convertible home that same day.

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  1. First, I had no idea you had a blog but now that I do know I will be following you. Second, I LOVE your car and am insanely jealous. It is awesome and I want a ride.