Saturday, February 25, 2012

An African Beer

It has been almost two months since I published a post. It has been even longer since I posted on the topic of beer with the exception of the Beer List at the end of 2011. My regular imaginary readers may have noticed a new link at the top left of the home page to "Jim's Beer List." On that page, I combined the beer lists from 2011 and 2010 into a single list. Instead of having a running beer list specifically for the year 2012, I have just been adding beers that I have consumed in 2012 to the list on that page.

One of the new additions to my super-sized beer list is Ndovu Special Malt Premium Lager from Tanzania Breweries which is a subsidiary of the giant global brewing conglomerate SABMiller. One of my coworkers is originally from Tanzania, and he brought back some cans of Ndovu with him from a recent visit to share with us.

My coworker told me that the word "ndovu" means "tusk" in Swahili. Google Translate tells me that the word means "elephant" however, and that "tusk" translates to "pembe" in Swahili. My coworker also told me that a very similar brew called Tusker is sold in Kenya. Tusker is produced by East Africa Breweries which is related to Tanzania Breweries. As far as Ndovu goes, I expected the beer to be a standard run-of-the-mill lager. While my expectation was not too far off the mark, I would say the taste was slightly better than the average piss beer.

While I hope to continue posting about beer, I have transitioned somewhat to drinking more wine. Recent posts to my Twitter account have reflected this change. Perhaps there will be some posts on wine in the future.

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