Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Cougs (continued)

I edited my previous post to change the word "organize" to "orchestrate" in regards to the influence of the Carolina Hurricanes on the relocation of its top-level farm team. In this context, "orchestrate" has a more nefarious connotation. While I am sure hockey fans in Charlotte are glad to see their local team upgraded from the Double-A to Triple-A level, I am equally sure fans of the team in Albany have a more negative view. It is hard to argue against the fact that the Hurricanes manipulated their affiliate for their own purposes.

With their AHL-affiliate moving to Charlotte, there is an interesting suggestion that the Hurricanes could play one or more preseason games in Charlotte. I think the Hurricanes playing games in Time Warner Cable Arena would drum up interest in both teams throughout the area. Who is to say that will ever happen, but if it does and turns out to be successful, perhaps the Canes would consider playing some regular-season games in Charlotte. Personally, I think that would be a bit much.

Just as playing some games in Charlotte might help increase the exposure of the Hurricanes throughout the Carolinas, the same idea would apply for the Charlotte Bobcats playing games in Raleigh. In the past, the Bobcats have played preseason games in cities throughout North and South Carolina including games this season in Greensboro and Charleston, SC, and previous years in Chapel Hill and Columbia, SC. Several years ago, before the team gave up on Charlotte and moved to New Orleans, I attended a Hornets preseason game at the RBC Center which was still the unsponsored Entertainment and Sports Arena back then. Perhaps in the future, the Hurricanes and Bobcats will consider exchanging some games to help expand their fanbases.

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