Monday, February 1, 2010

State of the Site Address

Beer Update: Yesterday, I did get around to consuming the last bottle of the first home brew batch. Last night, I put the second batch in bottles. Check back in two weeks for an update on the High Country Canadian Draft. ("O Canada, not my home nor my native land.")

Today is the first day of February, so I thought I would discuss the first month (give or take a day or three) of this site. Including yesterday's post, there were a total of 15 posts during the month of January. Seven of those posts were on the topic of sports with six of those being on football, particularly the NFL. The other sports post was on theme music for baseball players. There have been five posts that covered beer. (This post will be number six). Four of those posts were on the home brew with the other post about receiving beer-related gifts from El's family.

Quite unexpectedly, there have been 13 comments on my posts with only four of them being replies from me. Of course, Jennifer Love Hewitt (and her chest) generated the most discussion from my vast audience. My posts on sports are completely uninteresting, and my ventures into controversial fields seem to be duds. All in all, I would say things are going wonderful. Thanks for reading... or not reading as the case may be.


  1. You're wonderful. Now I'm going to vomit. I love you.

  2. I wanted to write about the Matrix and about Salinger but I just haven't had time to even blog my own stuff. (But did you watch all 3 matrix movies? I feel like you're missing something.)

    We watched Ghost Whisperer last Friday and I thought of your post.

    Also last Friday was this conversation:
    Me: "So, yeah. Who is playing in the Super Bowl and when is it?"
    Husband: (looks blankly, busts up laughing) "Isn't this weekend?" (as in Jan 31.)
    Me: "No, because J (my cousin) was complaining about there being no football on TV this weekend."
    Husband: "Well I guess it's next weekend...that's pretty late, isn't it? I have no idea who's going."

    And now you know why I have nothing to say about sports. Unless it's tickets to a hockey game, we don't really care.