Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beer Update

On the home brew front, I have just finished putting my third batch in the keg. For this round, I chose the Classic American Blonde Ale which is suppose to be a light-bodied, easy-drinking brew similar to lager. Now for two weeks in the keg and another two weeks in bottles, then this batch will be ready to drink.

On to another beer-related topic, I did not get the chance to add the letter 'E' to my Beer List as l discussed in my previous post. However, I did add a few new beers to the list. The first one was Seven Sisters, an abbey style ale from Highland Brewing over in Asheville, North Carolina. I have several abbey ales on the Beer List, and the style tend to be varied and complex. Seven Sisters is specifically a dubbel (or double ale) which relates to its strength against other abbey-style ales. A Dubbel would be less strong than a Tripel (or triple ale).

I previously added Sünner Kölsch to the Beer List based on a visit to El's and my favorite German restaurant, J. Betski's. Kölsch is traditionally served in a specific type of glassware, a tall slim glass. At J. Betski's, the Kölsch glasses have a logo for Reissdorf, but in this case, I had a bottle of Reissdorf Kölsch from our local wine and beer store. Kölsch is one of my favorite types of beer with its crisp, slightly fruity taste. It is a lighter beer that would be very good cold on a warm day. I enjoy both the Sünner and Reissdorf versions of this style.

The final addition to the list is Samuel Adams Noble Pils, this year's spring seasonal offering from the Boston Beer Company. Noble Pils is a traditional pilsner-style lager. It is yet another refreshing, easy-drinking beer to add to the list.

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