Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beers for the List

Tournament Update: Last night, the Butler Bulldogs held on with their stellar defense to beat the Michigan State Spartans while the Duke Blue Devils trounced the West Virginia Mountaineers to set up the ultimate David-versus-Goliath scenario in Monday's title game. Playing the role of Goliath is Duke, a number one seed which is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, one of the six BCS football conferences. In the role of David is Butler, playing in their first Final Four and now their first championship game. Obviously, Duke is the strong favorite, but if the Bulldogs can keep up their defense and slow down the game, I think they have a strong chance of taking down the Devils.

I have consumed quite a few beers which I have not yet had the time to add to the Beer List, so I will try to take care of that now. First up is a bottle of Kristallweissbier or crystal wheat beer from Weihenstephan Brewery in the Bavaria area of Germany. Kristallweissbier is a filtered wheat beer hence being crystal instead of a normal cloudy wheat beer.

For the most recent biweekly neighborhood social gathering, I picked up a six-pack of the geographically-challenged Bavaria Holland from the Bavaria Brewery. The brewery is not located in Bavaria, Germany, but is at least located in the Netherlands. However, it is located in the Dutch province of North Brabant and not in either North or South Holland. Anyway, the beer was relatively cheap for an import, and I basically got what I paid for. Not a great beer, but decent enough.

I have also recently had pints of three old favorites. First was Red Oak Amber Lager from Red Oak Brewery in Whitsett, North Carolina. Whitsett is a small town west of Raleigh between Burlington and Greensboro. Next was Newcastle Brown Ale from Scottish & Newcastle which was headquartered in Scotland, United Kingdom, but is now part of Heineken International. Finally, there was a pint of Blue Moon Belgian White which is advertised as being brewed by the Blue Moon Brewing Company, but in reality is brewed by Coors which is now part of Molson Coors.

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