Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Beer Update

It has been two weeks since I put the third batch of home brew in the keg. For the third batch, I went with Classic American Blonde Ale. Today, I put the home brew in bottles. Check back in another two weeks for an update on the final product.

In my last post, I attempted to catch up on beers that I have recently tried for the beer list. Since then, the backlog has grown even more, so here are some more brews. First is St. Bernardus Tripel which came in a big bottle from the cooler at our local wine and beer store. At 8% ABV, the tripel is sort of the big brother of the witbier from St. Bernardus, a bottle of which was included in the six-pack that El gave me awhile back. Of course, a tripel is a type of abbey beer known for their higher alcohol content, and I definitely needed to sip this one. It is a very fruity and drinkable beer.

The next addition to the list is Mojo IPA from the the Boulder Beer Company. On their website, Boulder Beer claims to be Colorado's first microbrewery. I generally do not care for very hoppy beers such as standard pale ales and India pale ales (IPAs). I though Mojo was a typical hoppy IPA which I had to soldier through.

Continuing the IPA theme, I recently tried a pint of 90 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head which is another super-hoppy brew. In fact, 90 minute is quite possibly the definition of an Imperial or Double IPA. I think it is over-the-top in regards to the hoppiness, and like the Mojo, I really had to muscle through the pint.

I also had another brew from Dogfish Head. Their unique Palo Santo Marron is an unfiltered brown ale aged in a gigantic tank made out of Palo Santo wood (bursera graveolens) from Paraguay. At 12% ABV, it is another slow sipping beer like the St. Bernardus Tripel. This beer is pretty hoppy and aged in wood, so I should not have liked it at all, but surprisingly, I found this beer to be enjoyable.

Finally, I had some Reissdorf Kölsch on draft which I previously had in a bottle. Kölsch is one of my favorite types. I enjoyed Reissdorf from the bottle, and it is even better straight from the tap.

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