Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Nuturing Mother

Yes, yet another post on beer. This one covers two brews from Mother Earth Brewing which is located three counties over in Kinston, North Carolina. If you are wondering, Kinston is the county seat of Lenoir County. (For those playing at home: Lenoir -> Wayne -> Johnston -> Wake, and Raleigh is the county seat Wake County as well as being the state capital of North Carolina.)

For some back story, El and her mother had a May Day party on the first day of May. El made a ton of cool appetizers and also picked out some great wines. I was tasked with selecting beer for the party. El and I stopped by our favorite local wine and beer store where I picked up a few different beers, two of which were from Mother Earth. One was Endless River which is Kölsch-style ale. I have enjoyed Kölsches from Reissdorf and Sünner which are both from Germany. I have also tasted a few American versions of the Kölsch which I might cover in future posts. I enjoy the style. Endless River is a standard example of the style which I also enjoyed.

The other brew from Mother Earth was Weeping Willow Wit which has a very alliterative name. As we all know, I like wheat beers, and Weeping Willow is no different. According to the company's webpage for the brew, there is suppose to be a secret spice, but I have no idea what it is. (The description on the bottle label mentions coriander. Perhaps I should figure out what that tastes like.)

As for the other two beers, El actually ended up picking those, and they were both from Left Hand. I previously discussed their Milk Stout. The other beer was Juju Ginger Ale. I don't particular care for the taste of ginger. Juju Ginger smells and tastes like ginger. Let's just say I didn't care of it and leave it at that.

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  1. I just realized that my mother is left handed... hrm...