Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yet Another Beer Post

Home Brew Update: Today, I mixed up another batch of home brew. I went with the Whispering Wheat Weizenbier this time. Unfortunately, I have little hope for this batch. I sanitized the utensils as usual, but then I kept forgetting and sitting the whisk that I was using directly on the counter instead of the plate that I had sanitized for that particular purpose. Then while I was sprinkling the yeast over the wort mixture, I dropped the whole yeast packet into the keg. I fished the packet out with my fingers which I assume does not create the most sanitary condition.

Moving on to beers brewed by others, El and I visited our favorite local watering hole yesterday. First up for me was Hazed and Infused from the Boulder Beer Company. I have previously had Boulder's Mojo IPA and Mojo Risin' Double IPA. Those previous Boulder brews sported hoppy tastes. Hazed and Infused was no different, but it was much more drinkable. H&I was not as over-the-top hoppy as the IPA and DIPA.

Next up was a big beer. In fact, the brew is one from Smuttynose Brewing's Big Beer Series. At 12% ABV, Gravitation definitely fits the bill. Gravitation is a Belgian-style quad or quadrupel. There were lots of strong flavors, but it was hard to get beyond the strong alcohol taste. Let me just say that half a pint was quite enough.

Now it's back to Boulder Beer for a not-super-hoppy beer. Their Kinda Blue is a blueberry-flavored wheat beer. I have tasted blueberry beers before, most recently Sweetwater Blue. As I stated in that previous post, I enjoy wheat beers, but I generally do not care for super-fruity wheat beers including the Sweetwater brew. Surprisingly (although I guess not so much based on the name), Kinda Blue did not seem to have a super-blueberry taste. It was just a very drinkable wheat beer.

Next is a solid porter from Otter Creek. Stovepipe Porter is dark brown in color. El particularly enjoys porters and stouts. She had a taste of this one and seemed to enjoy it. I agree with her.

El and I ended the night at the local Irish pub with some friends. While there, I enjoyed a couple of pints of Smithwick's which is one of the Guinness brands. Smithwick's is pretty much the definition of an Irish red ale. The amber-colored brew had a nice malty taste.

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