Friday, July 23, 2010

Bottles and Cans and ...

"Bottles and cans and ..." well, pint glasses. The title of this beer post is a reference to the Beck song "Where It's At" which includes the aforementioned line, and this post will cover a brew from a bottle and one from a can, as well a draft served in a pint glass. That will cover the top three methods of dispensing beer, but of course, there are others. In addition to the ubiquitous pint glass, draft beer can be served in glassware ranging from the K├Âlsch glass to this thing. Draft beer can also be deposited into growlers that can be carried back to the house. Then there is that favorite method of the college-age crowd for consuming beer, the keg stand.

First up is the can. Recently, El and I were invited to a party by a pool which restricted our choice of beverage containers to the non-glass variety. Stopping by a local grocery store, I picked up a six-pack of Dale's Pale Ale from Oskar Blues Brewing Company which is located in Lyons, Colorado. I have previously sampled Dale's at local beer festivals along with as some of Oskar Blues's other canned offerings. This was a perfect opportunity to try a full can (or more) of the pale ale. As advertised, Dale's is a pale ale (as the webpage states, "duh"). However, I thought it was quite hoppy, even bordering on an IPA. The 65 IBUs would put it in the lower-end of the IPA category. I have been trying more pale ales, IPAs, and even DIPAs, and I liked Dale's.

Next, I am hitting the bottle. Last Saturday, El and I accompanied some friends of ours on a trip to the fine city of Durham. While there, we stopped for lunch at interesting shop named Parker and Otis which offers various sandwiches along with plethora of other goods. In multiple beer coolers were a variety of beers. I selected a bottle of Summer Ale from Brooklyn Brewery. The brew was a light and refreshing as you would like on a nice summer day (even those it was raining while we were in Durham).

Bringing up the rear is a draft beer. I recently had a pint of Turbodog from Abita Brewing Company which is located in Abita Springs, Louisiana. Turbodog is an interesting brown ale. The style is defined by Newcastle which has a nice flavor full of malts, nuts and caramel. Turbodog has a similar malty flavor, but perhaps not as strong. I think I prefer Newcastle.

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