Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Chinese Joke American Style

I thought I would submit a quick post before I head out of town for the weekend for Mother's Day. This week I had lunch with a bunch of guys including a couple of men from China. The discussion turned to how the country of China is incredibly large. There are many different types of terrains and climates. The Chinese people also vary between the different areas of the country with each group having its own distinct culture. Cuisines vary across the country, and instead of a single Chinese language, Chinese is actually several dialects which are not necessary mutually intelligible.

One of the two Chinese men told us a joke to illustrate the differences among Chinese people. I think it is a great joke, but since repeating a joke about Chinese people seems a bit inappropriate, I figure I could modify the joke to apply it to American people. To decode my Americanize version back to the original Chinese version, simply change the American from Washington to a politician from northern China, perhaps around the national capital of Beijing. The New Yorker would instead be from eastern China such as from Shanghai. The Cajun from Louisiana would be from southern China perhaps from Hong Kong. The western area of China does not factor into the joke. Western China is most rural and is not as densely populated as the other areas. Anyway, here is my version of the joke.

Three guys are driving down the road. The first man is a politician from Washington, DC, the second is a businessman from New York City, and the third is a Cajun from Louisiana. As they're driving along, a strange flying object crashes into a field next to the road. They stop to check out the accident, and they discover a dead alien which had been flung from the wreckage. They look at each other and try to decide what to do with their amazing find. The politician from DC wants to put the body in a museum and invite everybody to come and see what the three of them found. The businessman from New York thinks the alien would be worth millions. He suggests they sell the body and split the profits. The Cajun says "I wonder how it tastes. Let's eat it!"

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