Saturday, May 21, 2011


When I am at a bar or restaurant or otherwise out and about, I find myself sending text messages to my email account. Usually, these texts are about an interesting new beer that I am drinking and that needs to be added to my Beer List. I have also sent myself messages with books or authors that I think might be interesting or a perhaps a movie that somebody recommended to me. I have also sent myself and friends texts with lines that I said or overheard somebody else say that I thought was humorous or otherwise interesting ("I've got a WMD in my BVDs"). I have also sent myself texts with ideas for post on this site. My new phone makes sending texts much easier, so a couple of times I have send myself most of the wording for a post. I typed a good portion of this post from last week on my phone.

Along this vein, I have decided to take the plunge and start a Twitter account. You can see the Twitter gadget that is linked to my account in the right-hand column. In keeping with my super interesting personality, my first tweet was simply "<null>." Similar to the legion of imaginary reader of this site, I do not expect my Twitter account to have very many, if any, followers. I also do not plan on following the Twitter feeds of anybody else. Like this site, my Twitter account is solely for my own purposes. Follow at your own risk (or boredom). You have been duly warned.

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