Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Century Club

My post from yesterday was the 100th post on this site (which will make this post number 101). I have published 38 posts so far this year which projects to 63 or 64 posts for the whole of 2011. That would outnumber the 62 posts from 2010. My first post was published on January 3, 2010, so this site has existed for almost 19 months. Therefore, the one hundred posts represent an average of over five posts per month.

Back in January, I analyzed the labels that I used on posts for 2010. Back then, the "beer" label led with 37 posts. There are now 43 posts labeled with "beer", but those have dropped from 60% of the total posts down to 43%. (The 100 posts makes the math easy.) The "sports" label is still second with 29 posts, but I have only added 7 posts to the 22 posts from 2010. The "home brew" label has gone from 13 posts in 2010 to a total of 23 posts. The "books" label has grown from six posts to a total of 14 posts which is mostly due to me starting to post book reviews. Awhile back, I started a new "Raleigh" label and went back an updated previous posts. There are now twelve posts concerning the city of Raleigh.

Getting back to yesterday's post (as well as the post from the day before), I found a new "Next Blog" site. His guy who seems to be Canadian is aiming to prove how healthy beer is for you, although most of his posts concern reviewing and rating beer. I notice that his 10-point scale conveniently goes negative.

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