Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Great Lakes Family

This post is just an excuse to show the photos to the right. Last week, I traveled to Las Vegas for a conference. On my trip to Sin City, I had a layover in Cleveland. My layover happen to coincide with lunchtime. While walking through Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, I found that the Great Lakes Brewing Company has a brewpub located in Terminal C. I saddled up to the bar with the intent of trying a new beer to go along with my lunch. Instead, I elected to sample five of their brews.

The Great Lakes family sampler includes samples of five of their popular year-round beers. The five sampler glasses were served in paddle intended for only four glasses. The fifth glass was squeezed on the handle. As seen in the top photo, I had already tried the first beer when I decided to take the picture. That first beer was their Dortmunder Gold Lager. The bartender told me that the golden lager was their most popular brew. It was also my favorite of the five.

My second sample was the Eliot Ness Amber Lager which was my second favorite of the bunch. The third and fourth were the Burning River Pale Ale and Commodore Perry IPA. Despite not being a big pale ale fan, I found these brews to be tasty. The final beer and the dark glass on the right side of the photo was the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. It was a good finish to the sampler.

For food, I went with the bratwurst and pierogi as seen in the bottom picture. I had been craving German food, so this hit the spot. While it was nowhere near as good as J. Betski's, it was a very enjoyable lunch.

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