Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not Ned Flanders

Yesterday evening, El and I had dinner with some of her relatives at Coquette which is one of our favorite local restaurants. Coquette is a French brasserie and is locally owned by the Urban Food Group. All of their restaurants are among our favorites. In fact, the Italian beers in my previous post were consumed at Vivace.

I enjoyed two beers during dinner yesterday which will make this my fourth consecutive post discussing a pair of brews. Being a French restaurant, Coquette's wine list is completely composed of French wines. The beer list however is mostly Belgian. The two brews that I tried were both from the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders which is not to be confused with this Flanders.

The first beer was a bottle of Bruegel Amber Ale from Brouwerij Van Steenberge. Bruegel comes in a very distinctive bottle which is short and squat. The beer itself is an amber ale. I have previously tried two other Belgian or Belgian-style amber ales, Pauwel Kwak by Bosteels and Rare Vos by Ommegang, but Belgian-style ales come in a variety of flavors. Bruegel has a malty taste which I enjoyed.

Van Steenberge is located in the village of Ertvelde in the Belgian province of East Flanders. The second beer is by Brouwerij Bavik which is located in the town of Bavikhove in the province of West Flanders. I had a pint of Wittekerke which is a traditional witbier. Wittekerke has a very light yellow color and a light pleasant taste. And yes, I enjoyed this beer.

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