Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Beer in My Future

Home Brew Update: I have read in various places on the web that if you use Munton's CarbTabs, some leftover particles of the tablets could show up floating in the beer. Some people suggested simply ignoring the particles while others suggested giving the bottles an extra turn midway through the carbonation period. Today, I gave each bottle of the latest home brew batch a couple of extra inversions. I did notice some particles in the bottles, particularly the bottles in which I put more of the carbonation tablets. There was also some white residue in the very bottom of some bottles. A few taps on the bottom helped with dissipating some of that white film.

I am finally adding a second beer to my list for 2011. I stopped by my favorite wine and beer store yesterday. I was in the store last weekend, and there had just been a run on the draft beer. Their shipment of new kegs had been a little short that week, so they were down to just two taps. Luckily, one of those two drafts was Reissdorf K├Âlsch, so I was good to go.

This week, the keg situation had been resolved, and there was a brew that was new to me. The new brew was Nostradamus by Brasserie Caracole which is located in Belgium and according to Wikipedia, is an "artisanal brewery". The store had this brew listed on their board as a brown ale. When I think brown ale, of course, I think about Newcastle which is an English-style brown ale. Newcastle is known for a taste that is malty and nutty. The Nostradamus definitely did not taste like that. It is categorized as Belgian Strong Dark Ale, and it is a pretty big beer at 9.5% ABV. The taste is strong and complex, and I probably would have enjoyed it much better if I had not been expecting the smooth malt taste of Newcastle.

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