Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Beginning

Note: As could be surmised by several of my previous posts, I have been traveling a good bit recently. While looking to kill time during a recent layover, I decided to try my hand at some creative writing. I only managed an opening paragraph. I suppose this story is intended to be erotic fiction as opposed to a Harlequin romance. At the risk of this site being slapped with the dreaded "Adult Content" label, here is my attempt at fiction.

During a layover in a generic airport, I am sitting at in a restaurant with a drink in my hand. Neither the crappy airport food on the table in front of me nor the random sporting events on the multitude of televisions around the bar are particularly interesting to me. Entering the restaurant is a woman in a conservative business suit. I can not help but notice her black stockings and expensive-looking three-inch heels. We make eye contact as she makes her way towards the table next to me. She smiles. She takes off her dark suit jacket before taking a seat in a chair across from me. Unconsciously, she unbuttons the top of her sheer cream-color blouse to let her well-sized breasts breathe. Her skirt rises up her thigh just a bit as her nicely-curved hips shift in an attempt to get more more comfortable in the uncomfortable chair.

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