Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture Perfect

A camera (if not two) is now a standard feature on most cellphones including my own. I find that the camera is very useful for taking pictures of beer, and the beers that are most interesting to view are the ones that are contained in glasses with their own logos. I recently enjoyed two brews that were served in their own branded glassware. While my photography skills are the less than perfect, the bad photos had no effect on the brews.

The first brew was Oktoberfest bier ("bier" is German for beer) from Paulaner Brauerei ("brauerei" is German for brewery). A word of warning, the brewery's webpage is very musical. The beer is a very easy drinking Oktoberfest brew. In fact, it was easy to drink more than one.

I also had more that one of the second beer which was Speciale Belge from Palm Breweries. The glass says Palm is Belgium's amber beer. The beer was new on-tap at the neighborhood bar. Several folks at the bar did not care for this new offering, but I thought it was quite tasty.

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