Sunday, September 18, 2011


This post continues the theme from my previous three posts of pictures taken from my cellphone. It also continues some of the discussions from the most recent post.
In that post, I covered Crispin Cider and Cottonwood Pumpkin Spiced Ale, and I mentioned a half-and-half with each of them plus Guinness stout. I was back at the neighborhood bar yesterday evening, and I took the opportunity to enjoy one of each.

The first picture shows the cider and stout. The half pint of cider was poured first, and then the Guinness was floated on top by pouring it over a spoon. The Crispin Cider company calls this creation the Crispin Velvet. As expected, it was quite lovely to drink.

The bartender had to rummage through a drawer to find the pouring spoon, so I felt obligated to have another half-and-half. The pumpkin ale and Guinness was next. The ale was poured first and again, the stout was floated on the top. Some places on the web call this concoction a Black and Orange. I had one of these the other day, so I knew it would taste great. The Cottonwood is a spiced pumpkin ale. The spice adds a unique twist to the flavor of the Guinness.

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